Children of Lake Atitlan
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About Children of Lake Atitlan
Children of Lake Atitlan was founded in 2004.  The program was initiated to meet a need for support for the New Dawning Christian School in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. During its time of existence, the program has always fulfilled its commitment to the school.  All board members for the program serve on a volunteer basis, which allows us to direct funds received to the educational program of the school, instead of on administrative costs.  We are passionate about providing education in the developing community of San Juan La Laguna.  

All of our staff have personally visited the school, and are supportive of its goals.  We know the administration, the teachers, and the children and families of the community.  

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About the New Dawning Christian School
The New Dawning Christian School was founded in 1991, serving children in elementary school.  In 1995, the school expanded to include pre-school and kindergarten children.  In 2006, the school expanded again, this time to include the Basico level, which is grades 7 through 9.  It currently serves over 200 students.  Most of the students are from San Juan La Laguna, but there are also students who come from the neighboring communities of San Pedro, San Pablo, and San Marcos.  

San Juan La Laguna is a developing community made up almost entirely of indigenous Mayans, whose primary language is the Mayan dialect T'zutujil.  The community is in a growing tourist area, and the village is well known for its art, particularly painting and weaving.  Art is a fundamental part of the local tradition and culture.  However, most families sustain their families through small home businesses or farming.  There are approximately 11,000 people in the municipality, which includes the main village and three smaller villages located further up in the mountains.  

The school is a private institution, but it is sensitive to the economic limitations of most families in the community,  Because of this, the school charges students a very small tuition: $3 a month for elementary students and $7 a month for Basico level students.  Because they know the community and its families, the school also makes additional allowances to families who cannot afford to pay the tuition.  
Adobe classroom, 2001
Classrooms, 2015
Classrooms, 2021
One example of the advancement of the school over a period of 20 years.